Female On The Catwork Dancing At Singles Party In Geelong

Singles Party in Geelong

What comes to mind when you think of singles parties? The five D’s? Disco lights, DJ, and dateless, drunken dancers?

Well, you’re not far off… but there’s more!

Last night I spent an hour sprucing before heading to a singles party in Geelong; a traffic light party for under 39s. Although doors opened at 7:30pm, I was taking a pre-party-nap at that time. This ensured I was fashionably late to the party, eventually making my appearance around 10pm. Apparently I had only missed one “match” game and the night was still young.

Trying not to stumble and fall as I entered the venue (the steps were hard to see!) it didn’t take long to feel a little uncomfortable. The check-in staff insisted I wear a coloured wrist band; green for ‘available’, orange for ‘undecided’, and red for ‘unavailable’. Fortunately, I soon spied a few friendly faces in the crowd, so rocking up alone was no problem. Mid-way through our group conversation, we were suddenly ushered off the dance floor. Apparently it was “catwalk” time.

Three courageous males were plucked from the singles party crowd and encouraged to strut their stuff in front of the party goers. The winner – determined by crowd applause – received a bottle of booze.

Male dancing on the catwalk at singles party in geelong

It was at this moment that a twinge of anxiety flushed through my body as I realised the ladies’ round was next. I would be mortified had the host called upon me to participate in this bizarre activity, so I shielded myself behind the lady beside me. A sigh of relief passed my lips as I looked on in disbelief at two girls jumping around with their arms raised in the air, dying to be picked. A third, seemingly reluctant chick, was volunteered by the host, as he dragged her by the arm from the safety of the crowd.

Amazingly, each of the three contestants happily strutted across the dance floor, flaunting their best moves. The third girl blew the crowd away with her talented twerks. Needless to say, she won the prize – a bottle of alcohol.

Believe it or not, there was more cringe to come.

Not much later, with sudden looks of confusion, a couple who sat deep in conversation, were summoned to smooch. The party host held a large black “kiss frame” in front of them. Nothing like a bit of pressure to spoil a good chat. This was my cue to move to the other side of the room, far away from that frame!

Talk about an awkward night.

Having said that, everyone I chatted with across the evening were content to be out meeting singles in the flesh. For me, traffic light parties aren’t in line with my ideal environment for meeting people. Raising my voice to be heard over the DJs tunes was effort enough, not to mention the challenges trying to connect with drunk people. Apart from everyone being single, there was no obvious common interest to help break the ice … and that’s the ORGANIC FUSIONS point of difference.

Some of the most interesting people I know are single. They are not desperate and dateless. They live a full life; creating, learning, exploring and enjoying. ORGANIC FUSIONS social events allow you to pursue your hobbies and interests while meeting like-minded singles. Enjoy the company of strangers, make new friends, and have fun. No pressure. No forced situations. Connections happen naturally. ORGANIC FUSIONS events eliminate the ‘cringe’ and put the ‘classy’ back into singles events.

Have you even been to a singles party? What was your experience? How would you prefer to meet new people? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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