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Leega – An Authentic Korean BBQ Experience

I aways keep an eye out for funky venues to host events at, and Leega ticks all the boxes! So, a couple of weeks ago I invited a friend to experience Leega with me. This was to be my first Korean BBQ experience… until I realised I’d had Korean BBQ twice before (once in Thailand and once in Japan) – but this time it was authentic! That’s right – The Leega restaurant is owned by a Korean-born Australian and meals are prepared/cooked by a Korean chef.

Leega copper vent pipes and BBQs on tables

Leega, located at 2/37 Gheringhap St, Geelong opened in May 2017. I’d ridden my bicycle past it numerous times; the copper pendants always catching my eye. I’d just assumed a BBQ restaurant meant limited vegetarian/vegan dishes. I was wrong! There were plenty of choices on the menu for my friend and I (who are both vegetarian).

Spring onion pancake

Between the two of us, we ordered a BBQ vegetable platter (tofu, asparagus, mushroom, capsicum and zucchini), a spring onion pancake (above), a vegetable bibimbap, a spicy soft-tofu hotpot and an oolong tea.

spring onion in soy sauce Leega

To begin with, our waitress brought out an assortment of side dishes, explaining what each one was. We had choices of kimchi, bean sprouts, pickled onion and chilli, pickled radish, spring onion in soy sauce (above), ice-berg lettuce leaves and four types of sauce.

Vegetable bibimbap at Leega

The BBQ coals had been lit and covered with a grill, and after some of our dishes had arrived our waitress kindly cooked the vegetable platter for us.

The whole dinner was extremely tasty and filling. I enjoyed the entertainment of having food cooked on the little BBQ which sat in the centre of our table. My friend and I shared all the dishes, and a bit of spicy, hotpot liquid was all that remained once we had finished.

call button on tables

An extra feature lending to Leega’s excellent customer service.

I even went back to Leega the following week to have a kimchi pancake and I was lucky enough to test one of Leega’s new seat cushions. David, the owner, is really pulling out all the stops to make the Leega experience perfect. He also – quite modestly – admitted to being the handy-man behind Leega’s interior design features such as the tiling and wooden panels.

leega interior tiles and wooden panels

Leega is an stylish venue, in the heart of Geelong, perfect for sharing a meal amongst friends – old or new. ORGANIC FUSIONS intends to hold regular social events at Leega, as a way of bringing people together to share conversations and experience the fun of Korean BBQ. Visit the events calendar to find out more. The best part? There’s three high value options for becoming a member with ORGANIC FUSIONS – click here to join.


David Choi (including supply of feature photo)

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