Millars Grand Lakes Estate

A Healthy Lunch at Millars; Lara

Last weekend my friend Cam and I visited the You Yangs in Little River, then made our way to Lara for a much-deserved lunch at Millars. (This combination of ‘Nature Walk’ plus lunch will feature on the upcoming ORGANIC FUSIONS events calendar.) By the time we had walked the East – West trail, our stomachs were in desperate need of filling.

Mixed berry bash smoothy and latte

Mixed Berry Bash Smoothy & Latte

After a mere 10km drive from the You Yangs, we soon found ourselves at Millars, a delightful cafe which resides within the Grand Lakes Estate. Cam ordered the latte, while I opted for something a little more exotic – a berry smoothy (as picture above). As we sipped our beverages of choice, we admired the natural landscape and lake views surrounding the cafe.

Millars group table

Plenty of space for a group lunch or to bring the family

Scott Millar (the owner) has created a warm and inviting space for the local community, which is evident by the family-friendly design. Plenty of room in-shop and a remarkable play ground which sits adjacent to the cafe.

Millars Dukkah roasted sweet potato puree, chick pea, roasted pepper and spinach wrap

Dukkah roasted sweet potato puree, chick pea, roasted pepper and spinach wrap

Millars, now in its third year, ticks many boxes for myself as a customer and for ORGANIC FUSIONS. Produce used to create the contemporary menu is locally sourced, therefore consumers inadvertently contribute to supporting the local economy. I was excited to find a vegan wrap and Cam couldn’t stop purring as he engulfed the beef burger.

Millars Beef Burger

Millars Beef Burger

Scott explained that purchasing quality ingredients is a priority for the cafe. He prefers to spend top dollar for food and beverage items that are fresh and locally produced. Using fruits and vegetables that are in season also means that the dynamic menu at Millars is constantly evolving to delight us every time we visit. And of course, trading with local farmers means reduced food miles; an added bonus for the environment.

millars candles local product

Local products line the shelves at Millars.

As a qualified chef, having worked in 5 star hotels and holding the position of head chef at Truffleduck (Fyansford), you can expect to be impressed by the menu.

As we waited for our lunch to arrive, Scott shared with us the story of how he met his partner whilst he was an apprentice chef. He laughed as he explained that she played hard to get. Every week, for months, he would personally prepare her a meal in an effort to woo and impress her.

Together, they are now parents, so I suppose that confirms just how good Scott’s menu is! Why not pop into Millars to see for yourself, or better yet, join ORGANIC FUSIONS for a ‘Nature Walk‘ event and together we can enjoy conversation and great, local food. The best part? ORGANIC FUSIONS is free to join.

Millars supports local business as follows:

  • Artisan coffee roasted in Geelong
  • Milk and ice-cream from Timboon Fine Ice Cream
  • Honey – Geelong
  • Eggs – Freshwater Creek
  • SageBeef, an ethical producer of superior beef and lamb – Bannockburn
  • Sweets / Preserves – Pennyroyal Farm
  • Soy candles – 100% hand poured
  • Herbs and spices – Screaming Seeds

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