Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. You should explore the answers here first before emailing

Additional information can be found in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documents.

How do I unsubscribe completely? (I'm no longer single / interested... )

Unsubscribing is a TWO step process.

  • If you wish to remain a member (access calendar and attend events) but not receive invites, simply unsubscribe.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership and stop receiving invites / updates, then you also need to unsubscribe.

To cancel and unsubscribe:

Step One

  • Visit and login to your account.

Step Two

  • Go to “My Account” and select “Cancel”

Step Three

  • To unsubscribe from email updates and event invites, simply open an email and click the link to “unsubscribe” usually found above the ORGANIC FUSIONS logo (see the image below).


Those who unsubscribe allow new people to subscribe and receive the updates and email invites.

There is a limit to the number of subscribers ORGANIC FUSIONS can nurture at once (2000), therefore those who are not single anymore or no longer interested in receiving emails should unsubscribe.

Remember, unsubscribing from emails does not affect membership status, therefore those who are no longer single should cancel their membership BEFORE unsubscribing from emails.

Cancelling a Basic membership or Dynamo / Livewire pass automatically subscribes the email address as “Subscriber only” therefore it is recommended to cancel membership first, then unsubscribe from within the email. Complicated! I know!

See answer for question:”I’ve met someone. How can I cancel?” for more information.

Do your events work? Are people successful?


ORGANIC FUSIONS is about creating connections; bringing people together and facilitating face-to-face conversations through shared activities.

Many people attend multiple events per week or month (usually as a DYNAMO or LIVEWIRE).

Friendships are made at every event. Event attendees join the wing-person Facebook groups and arrange their own catch ups outside of ORGANIC FUSIONS events.

Romantic relationships have developed. At one of the first “Game Nights” two strangers met, exchanged details, and fell deeply in love not long after. Click here to listen to a testimonial.

Here’s a couple of screen shots from ex-members who have attended events and found someone special. (All members must be single, therefore once finding a relationship, people cancel their membership).






Companionship: all guests who attend events get to enjoy the company of others… and as you can see in the SMS example above, that can carry on outside of events.

New experiences: many people have been able to experience activities such as Trees Adventure, LEGOLAND, or “Puzzle Room” with us…

Quite often we find that our friends are busy or – it’s hard to catch up with our old network of friends all at once. ORGANIC FUSIONS solves that problem by introducing people to new friends who are ready to try fun activities with us.

Remember… before technology, meeting people in person was common practice. That’s what ORGANIC FUSIONS helps us all to do.

While there is a small cover charge to attend events, the real cost to members is TIME. The more time and effort that people put into being social and connecting, the more rewarding the experience is.

ORGANIC FUSIONS believes that good things take time… some people attend their first event and are too shy to talk much, or, too nervous to move around and introduce themselves to new people. Come their second or third event, there’s a sense of familiarity, not only with the host and the casual nature of events, but with other members who may have attended previous events. The comfort zone starts to expand.


Just Like Food

You may like to compare ORGANIC FUSIONS to a home cooked meal that’s been prepared with tender loving care… most likely taking a good 1-2 hours to make. In my experience, good, kind-hearted people attend ORGANIC FUSIONS events… people who are committed to making real connections and investing the time and energy to be social and healthy.

Conversely, ordering cheap take-away food might be convenient and temporarily fills the gap, yet it offers little nutrition and increases the risk of heart disease. The same seems to be true with “quick” meeting methods or online communications. Those looking for meaningful connections tend to feel such experiences lack a real depth… and in fact waste their time, leading to feelings of disappointment etc.

Moral of the story… if you’re prepared to invest time into being social and building relationships, then ORGANIC FUSIONS can help you do that.

I've registered but can't seem to log in... can you help?

Many people receive emails from ORGANIC FUSIONS yet do not have an account and therefore will not be able to login to the website.

  • Alert! “Invalid username or email” will display if you are not a member when you attempt to log in.


Your membership status (see red arrow below) can be found in the most recent email you received from ORGANIC FUSIONS (

‘Subscribers’ have not yet created an account. Subscribers have, however, either requested Event Invitations (or an Events Catalogue for example) and therefore joined the mailing list.

There are four membership options:

  1. Basic
  2. Dynamo
  3. Livewire
  4. Subscriber only (non-member)

Basic members (and those registered with a Dynamo or Livewire pass) can login.

Basic members (and those registered with a Dynamo or Livewire pass) have full access to the calendar of upcoming events, including early bird discounts, event times and venue locations.

Click here to learn more about account options or to join.

How do I create an account? How do I purchase a ticket?

Desktop is the best way to use the ORGANIC FUSIONS website.

Click the video link below to see a demonstration on creating an account and purchasing an event ticket. (The video will be updated soon to reflect a few minor changes.)

VIDEO link

[TICKETS] How do I buy a ticket?

To access the calendar, you must log in to the website (

If you don’t have an account yet, you need to create one.

Follow the links below:

  1. Join or log in
  2. View full event details on the events page
  3. Select a ticket. Pay online (Credit card or PayPal)

[TICKETS] Can I buy a ticket at the door?

No. At this stage payment for Basic / Dynamo / Livewire memberships and tickets is all done online.

In order to keep costs low, cash payments are not taken.

We take Visa, Mastercard and American Express – processed through Stripe (just like PayPal, but better!).

You can also pay with PayPal. 

An SSL certificate is in place to ensure transactions are secure. You can see the URL begins with “https:// ” (Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) –> More info

In exceptional circumstances, cash payment may be pre-arranged, however a $10 cash handling fee will apply.

[TICKETS] How many tickets do you sell per event?

There is a limit to the number of tickets sold per event, generally to accommodate approximately 20 people. Ideally there will be an even number of males and females, however this is not always desired or guaranteed. We believe that by keeping event numbers capped, participants will have greater opportunities and more time to interact with each other to develop connections.

Paid events will go ahead* where the minimum of six tickets have been sold (3 female and 3 male).

*unless otherwise explained in individual event description ie “Meet & Greet” events / Wing-person events

[TICKETS] How can I view all the events I have tickets for?

Log in to your account.

You will see the options: MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT, DASHBOARD, ORDERS, DOWNLOADS, ADDRESSES, ACCOUNT DETAILS and LOG OUT. Access your event tickets by clicking on the hyperlinked “access orders” or the ORDERS button.

You will also receive an email confirmation for each ticket you purchase.

Please email me if you do not receive your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it.

[TICKETS] I bought a ticket but haven't received a confirmation email.

So many people write to me who can’t find their tickets… but with a little searching, they’re not far away!


Check your spam folder.

Check your junk folder.

Check your social folder.

My emails love to hide in folders other than the “inbox”

If you have checked all other locations for your ticket (from, then please SMS* /email* me and I can resend your ticket once I confirm payment has been made.

* Mention that you have checked your spam / junk folder so I know not to direct you back to this FAQ page =)

[TICKETS] How do I go on the waiting list? It says that tickets are "OUT OF STOCK"

If the ticket you want is “OUT OF STOCK” please send me an email with the subject as follows:

Waitlist; (Name of Event, date of event, and ticket type)

For example:

Waitlist: Games Night, 2 July 2018, Female

If someone cancels you will be notified according to your position in the waitlist.

[TICKETS] I am shy/scared and hesitant to attend events on my own. Can I bring a friend?

We get this question a lot…

Most of us are pretty terrified/anxious/shy when it comes to trying new things. Remember, ORGANIC FUSIONS is not a dating service… You attend events simply to meet new people and have fun. The rest will come naturally if it’s right…

Having said that – YES! You can most definitely bring a friend – so long as they are single, have registered with ORGANIC FUSIONS and purchased a ticket. Tickets are sold on an individual basis. You cannot purchase two tickets.

Most people are shy and nervous when attending their first event. Your host will warmly welcome you and introduce you to new friends if you decide to come alone.

Most events are excellent ice-breaker activities in themselves. Once you make new friends at your first event, you’ll most likely see them again at a future event!

[TICKETS] I can no longer attend an event which I have bought a ticket for. What should I do?

Members should contact ORGANIC FUSIONS via SMS (0414 030 774) or email ( within 48hours of the event. This period of time may allow the event organiser time to try and fill your place. A refund (less administrative costs of $5) will be available in most circumstances except when activities have been pre-paid (or deposits made). You must include your name, phone number, event and ticket number details when notifying us of your cancellation. See Terms and Conditions for further information.

Refunds will not be available if cancellation occurs less than 48hours prior to the event.

Please note: Dynamo and Livewire members who fail to attend an event or give less than 48hours notice to cancel will need to reimburse ORGANIC FUSIONS the $20 cover charge.

[TICKETS] Are there any tickets left for the event? How many people are attending? Is the event nearly full?

Are there any tickets left?

Once you have logged into the website and viewed the event details, continue scrolling down the event description.

At the bottom there will be a small heading “Tickets”

If this area is blank, then ticket sales have closed. This will also be noted in the event heading.

If ticket have sold out, a note “OUT OF STOCK” will appear next to the corresponding ticket.

If there appears to be an option for purchasing a ticket, then there are still tickets available.

There is a minimum number and maximum number of tickets for each event. That will be explained in the event description.

How many people are attending?

For any event, there will be a minimum of six people attending (minimum 3 males, 3 females for example). If this number is not reached within two days of the event, all people who have purchased a ticket will be notified and often given the option to go ahead with the activity, postpone or cancel (with full refund).

There is usually a maximum of 20 people at each event. The event description will explain in more details the exact maximum number of tickets sold.

People who have purchased a ticket are often be updated with the number of people attending via SMS.

[EVENT] How long do your events go for?

Most of our events go for two to three hours. You are encouraged to continue socialising with your new friends after the event has ended and the host has left.

[EVENT] Are the events like Speed Dating?

ORGANIC FUSIONS is not a dating service. There’s no pressure to find “the one.”

Events are not like speed dating. You can talk to everyone at the event if you wish. Meet the ladies, meet the fellas and meet everyone else in between.

You are welcome to talk to people for as long or as little as you like.

There is no formalised structure to most events… they are very casual… just like going out with a bunch of friends. The basic structure of the event is detailed in the event description (viewable once logged into your account)

Event attendees will be guided to “mix it up” usually at extended intervals throughout the event, because that’s what most people expect… a chance to meet (and mingle) with a bunch of new people.

Many attendees feel comfortable observing until they are ready to participate more in conversation. That’s OK.

[EVENT] Do you host GLBTIQ friendly events?

Yes. According to demand.

[EVENT] What types of ice-breakers do you do?

Ice-breaker activities help you to initiate conversations with new people.

They also help you steer clear of the boring “So, what do you do for work?” question.

To get the most out of events, it’s advised that you take part in the ice-breaker activities… often SMS reminders the day prior to an event will give you something to prepare.

Previous ice-breakers included sharing “Two truths and a lie” or sharing a unique fact about oneself, which were then listed and people were to investigate which fact corresponded with which attendee.

You might also be encouraged to bring along a small personal momento to show other people and share it’s story. This also provides an excellent conversation starter: “So, what did you bring along?” and “What’s the story behind it?”

[EVENT] Do your events have a specific AGE range?

Some events are OPEN, meaning that any person above the age of 18 may attend. We believe that socialising with people of similar age is less important than hanging out with people who share a common interest. Having said that, a lot of our events suggest a certain age bracket, and this information can be found in the details of each individual event. Age brackets are a guide only, and are completely flexible.


Age range: OPEN (18+)

Age range: 18 – 24 (+/-)

Age range: 25 – 34 (+/-)

Age range: 35 – 44 (+/-)

Age range: 45 – 54 (+/-)

Age range: 55 – 64 (+/-)

Age range: 65+

ORGANIC FUSIONS will try and offer 1-2 events per month exclusively for each of the above age brackets. This will be based on demand.

[EVENT] What's the gender distribution like at events?

I spend most of my admin time trying to ensure numbers are close to even for events…. though, having said that, my events aren’t exclusively for straight people / non-binary either as ORGANIC FUSIONS is simply a social group, (not a “dating service” )… though many wish it was 😉
In general, I check the event attendees list a week before the event, and if numbers are uneven, I then proceed to SMS people who have expressed interest in that type of activity. If the SMS doesn’t bring about even numbers, then I also make phone calls to members inviting them to join us.
(That’s why it’s important to have up-to-date event preferences too – to receive last minute specials!)
I can confirm that I try my best to ensure numbers are close to even – however – I dare say no event has had a completely even split.
Also, I will never guarantee this because some people are attending events to find same sex friends, some people attend simply for like-minded companionship….

[EVENT] What ages are the people attending the event?

I do not have an easy way to find that out for you.

Everyone will be over 18.


[EVENT] Do you do organise big parties with free drinks?

ORGANIC FUSIONS is based on the idea of people sharing conversations and enjoying activities together.

In my experience, the party atmosphere is not ideal for really getting to know people.

ORGANIC FUSIONS events are designed to ensure conversations are audible, and that there is little competition with loud music.

Likewise, alcohol is not an critical element of ORGANIC FUSIONS events.

While you may be invited to purchase a drink at the venues we visit, it’s quite common that people don’t want to drink alcohol and therefore shouldn’t need to pay for it in their ticket.

[EVENT] I am running late for the event! What should I do?

In most cases it will be easy to find us, depending on how late you are and what activity we are doing. It is recommended that you plan your journey in advance. Location details are included in each event description. Google Maps and PTV are great tools for planning your journey.

Please contact the host (eg Sarah 0414 030 774) if your plans change last minute. Remember, “no-shows” will have their account suspended and any discounts reversed. For more information, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

As the host will be occupied registering attendees and hosting the event, it may not be possible to answer your call.

For activities where we move away from the meeting location, it will not be possible to wait for you. Other attendees expect the event to run on time and may have baby-sitters on the clock. Please respect everyone’s time and arrive on time (or early).

[EVENT] I have a food allergy / dietary requirements - will I be catered for?

A lot of planning goes into finding venues that cater for most dietary preferences. See full event description to see if there are options. The menu is often linked for you to browse.

Please contact the venue to make enquiries if you have concerns about your dietary requirements when attending an event which involves food consumption.

Sometimes dietary requirements will need to be to pre-booked for some events. You will usually be prompted during check-out if this is the case.

It is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure they bring any necessary medications with them to the event eg insulin for diabetics / Epipen if you are at risk of anaphylaxis / inhaler for asthmatics.

You are responsible for your own health and safety. Participate only in events and activities that are suitable for your level of health.

[EVENT] What time is the event? Where is the event? How do I get more information?

Full details for every event can be found on the upcoming events calendar.

To access the calendar, you must log into the website (

If you don’t have an account yet, you need to create one.

Follow the links below:

  1. Join or log in
  2. View full event details on the events page

[EVENT] I have registered for an outdoor event. What happens if the weather is poor?

In most cases the event will go ahead. It is recommended that you check the weather forecast for all events and dress appropriately. This includes being sun-smart, or bringing an umbrella, raincoat, jacket, snow-boots, swim gear, water bottle and snacks. Be prepared!

You will be notified as soon as possible via phone-call / SMS / email if an event is cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. ORGANIC FUSIONS will endeavour to provide a full-refund / credit for the individual event in this case but a credit note is preferred.

[MEMBERSHIP] How can I stop the automatic renewal of my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership you can do so in the MY ACCOUNT section.

You can simply downgrade or cancel completely.

Go to the My Membership tab.

Under “My Memberships” it has the option to “change” or “cancel”.

Please note, if you cancel completely, you will no longer have access to the event details. Any tickets you had booked will become void. It is advised to cancel your membership only after you have attended all events you purchased tickets to.

If you attend an event without being a registered member, you will be required to join once more at the event, and pay the balance for any ticket you may have purchased. What a hassle!

[MEMBERSHIP] How do I upgrade my membership to receive $20 off all events?

Basic members pay a $20 cover charge for all events.

The Dynamo and Livewire members receive a $20 discount off all events.

To become a Dynamo or Livewire, visit our JOIN page.

Choose the Dynamo or Livewire option.

Alternatively, if you are already a Basic member, access your account and CHANGE the membership in there.

NB “CASUAL” was the former term for “BASIC”

[MEMBERSHIP] I am a Basic/Dynamo/Livewire member, but have now met someone! How can I cancel?

If you change your mind within 24hours of purchasing a membership, please contact us as soon as possible. Refunds are not available after 24hours of joining. You can cancel your membership in My Account.

Change Membership Cancel Account

Membership Account – change or cancel membership


[COST] Can I have a discount?


  • If you pay $59 for the month, you can have a $20 discount of all events for the month.

This is the DYNAMO membership.

  • If you pay $197 for half a year, you can have a $20 discount off all events for the 6 months.

This is the LIVEWIRE membership.

  • If you log in to the website, and search for events for next month you may find some early bird tickets.
  • If you haven’t been to an event yet, you can attend your first event for free by attending a “Meet & Greet” event… (used to be called “Wing-man / Wing-woman / Wing-person” events.


[COST] Can I attend my first event for FREE? How is the "Meet & Greet" event FREE?

If attending a “Meet & Greet event as your first event it is free…


To reserve a spot for the event, you must purchase a $20 ticket.

HOWEVER, when you arrive at the event, you receive a $20 coupon code to apply for your next event (no expiry).

If you don’t make it to the event you can’t claim your $20 coupon code.

Effectively the deal is 2-for-1. You pay the cover charge for your second event, and your first is free once you attend.

Refunds are available when more than 48hours notice is given prior to any event (less $5 admin fee).

That way, if everyone is sick, we can make alternative plans.


In the past, free events were not valued by ticket holders. Cancellation rates (with less than 24hours notice) reached 50% in many cases.

Once I travelled from Geelong to Burnley expecting to greet 8-10 ‘wing-women’, and only 4 made it.

If you have another solution for ensuring attendance rates, I’m open to suggestions 😀

Wing-person, or “Meet & Greet” events are a relaxed way to meet new people at various venues across Melbourne, Geelong and the surrounding areas.

All attendees are invited (after the event) to join the closed Facebook groups to keep in touch with the people they meet at events.

In the Facebook groups you can organise ride-shares, make plans to catch up with your new friends, and organise to attend events together … because it can be daunting attending events alone… and having a wing-person is comforting.

There’s no minimum number of attendees at wing-person “Meet & Greets” however events usually have 6-18-ish attendees.

Visit for more details. You’ll need to create an account and log in to view the event or to purchase a ticket.

Feedback, ideas and suggestions can be emailed to

[COST] Is there a charge to attend? Do I need to buy a ticket? How much are tickets? How can I pay?

Yes. All events are ticketed and you need to buy a ticket to attend the event.

To buy a ticket you need to be a member of ORGANIC FUSIONS.

There’s three membership options:

  1. Basic
  2. Dynamo
  3. Livewire

Basic members pay a cover charge for every event.

The cover charge to attend all events is $20. This includes:

  • Research, planning, and administration costs
  • Event invitations and SMS reminders
  • Event attendance for approximately 90min-3hours
  • Company of like-minded single people
  • Icebreaker activities
  • Host to run event and facilitate connections

The Dynamo Social Booster and Livewire Social Booster passes give you $20 off every ticket purchased.

All tickets much be purchased online.

Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.

In addition to the $20 cover charge you may pay upfront for a meal or activity.

For example, a ticket to “Games Night” might be $32 = $20 (cover charge) + $10 (unlimited games at venue) + $2 (booking fee).

Another example, a ticket to “Dinner” might be $45 = $20 (cover charge) + $23 (dinner) + $2 (booking fee).

In both examples above,  Dynamo / Livewire pass would give you a $20 discount.

[PAYMENT] Can I get a refund?

Yes – of course… provided you give at least 48hours notice prior to an event that you cannot attend.

Contact ORGANIC FUSIONS via SMS (0414 030 774) or email (

This period of time may allow the event organiser time to try and fill your place.

A refund (less administrative costs of $5) will be available in most circumstances except when activities have been pre-paid (or deposits made). 

Refunds will not be available if cancellation occurs less than 48hours prior to the event.

Please note: Dynamo and Livewire members who fail to attend an event or give less than 48hours notice to cancel will need to reimburse ORGANIC FUSIONS for the $20 cover charge.

[PAYMENT] PayPal is giving me an error message - can you check what's wrong?

PayPal has the occasional hiccup.

Please contact me by email with a screen shot of the exact error message.

My email is

You can always pay using credit card through Stripe (which is just like PayPal).

[TROUBLE-SHOOTING] I don't think I'm receiving emails properly...

ORGANIC FUSIONS emails often hide in your promotions folder (Gmail users) or spam folder (Outlook users). Please check.

Also,  “whitelist” (add to your contacts) the email address to make sure my email doesn’t get “blacklisted” and therefore sent to your spam folder.

[TROUBLE-SHOOTING] Why should I update my event preferences? How do I do that?

Your event preferences determine what events end up on the calendar. If a large fraction of the community show interest in outdoor events, for the age bracket 35-45 then I will put these types of events on the calendar.

How to share your preferences:

  1. Open a recent email from ORGANIC FUSIONS (
  2. At the very top or very bottom, click the link “Update Your Preferences”

    Update your preferences example

  3. Tick the relevant boxes, eg preferred age group to socialise with, local areas that you like to hang out, types of activities you like to do, how you’d like receiving event invites (text / email) etc
  4. You can update your preferences at any time through the email link.
  5. I try my best to plan events to cater for those who have shared their event preferences.

[TROUBLE-SHOOTING] I can't log in. / I have forgotten my password - can you help me log in?

In order to log into the website, you will need to have an account.

Not sure if you have an account? Check the member status in your email.

To log in:

Visit the log in page of my website.

Use your email address to log in.

Forgot password?

Click “Forgot Password” on the account log in page.

You will receive a link via email, which will prompt you to enter a strong password = 12 characters long, including a symbol and a capital letter.

If you receive a notice “Invalid username of email” then you are not a member.

You will need to create an account by registering as a Basic, Dynamo or Livewire.

To register, click here:

What is a QR code and why do I need one?

In the early days of ORGANIC FUSIONS, to register at the event, you needed to present the QR code (barcode) that appears on your ticket. This is no longer required to be presented when you attend events… so save the trees and don’t print your ticket.

FYI The QR Code looks like this…

What is the wing-man / wing-woman group?

The wing-man and wing-woman groups (also for non-binary wing-persons) are closed Facebook groups.

You will be sent an invitation for join the group after attending your first ORGANIC FUSIONS event.

If the invitation gets lost (many of my emails hide in the junk folders!) you can find the groups on the Facebook page for ORGANIC FUSIONS.

Here is the link to the groups:

Once accepted to the group, you can keep in touch through Facebook chat with other community members, past and present.

In the groups you can arrange your own meet ups, or organise to attend an ORGANIC FUSIONS event with someone so you don’t have to go alone.

You may also use the group to share stories, suggestions, photos or organise ride shares.

If the host is single, can I ask for her/his number?

The event host(s) should be treated with respect at all times. ORGANIC FUSIONS offers a professional service. 

Please note that ORGANIC FUSIONS management and employees undertake a strict non-dating policy with ORGANIC FUSIONS members.

I recently attended an can I share my feedback?

Your feedback is very important and helps ORGANIC FUSIONS to continually improve our service.

We’ll send you a email after an event to ask you one question: How likely is it that you would recommend ORGANIC FUSIONS to a friend or colleague?

Of course, we love when event attendees leave reviews on our social media pages too!

Alternatively, you may like to complete our feedback survey.

Do you offer any VIP experiences or memberships for elite singles?

Possibly, in the future ORGANIC FUSIONS may offer VIP Platinum Memberships for members who wish to indulge in luxurious experiences. Think five star restaurants and yacht cruises. These events will be available exclusively to VIP Platinum Members. Write to to express your interest.

Sarah, can you give me some more details about your background?

Sure – no problem.

I grew up in Geelong.

After secondary school, I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiations at RMIT in Bundoora.

In 2008 — I caught the travel bug! Have now travelled to 50+ countries…

After six months backpacking through South East Asia, I finally arrived in the UK — my home for the next two years.

Between 2010-2016 I continued to travel abroad and take short-term contracts as a locum Nuclear Medicine Technologist/Bone Densitometrist in various locations around Australia.

I started living in Fremantle in 2012 and fell in love with WA.

It was here that I started practising yoga and discovered permaculture. I also decided that I didn’t want to continue living a mainstream lifestyle.

In 2015, I returned to Geelong at the beginning of the year to be closer to my family. During that time I ran a free, social group called “Live, Love & Learn Geelong.”

Later in 2015, I travelled to Nepal to undertake a 200hr yoga instructor training course.

The following year I completed a Graduate Diploma in Education – Middle Years, through LaTrobe University.

So, most of the last 10+ years has been dedicated to experiences and living a full life.

Early 2017, the opportunity arose for me to start a business. At the time I was single and clueless as to how to meet like-minded people. I’d tried meeting people online, but what I really wanted was to meet people the traditional way – through friends or shared experiences.

So – I created ORGANIC FUSIONS for all single people who prefer to meet in real life.

I met a guy/girl at an event. Can you give me their details? OR Can you tell me which event they are going to next?

Members’ details are confidential and not shared with other members of ORGANIC FUSIONS. The best suggestion I have for you is to continue attending events that you enjoy and hopefully you will meet again.

You may also be lucky enough to connect with them through the closed Facebook groups. You can apply to join the wing-man / wing-woman group after you’ve attended an event.

If you are interested in someone at an event (whether as a friend or possibly something more)… offer them your business card, or your number on a piece of paper. Don’t expect anything in return. If someone hands you a number, accept it with grace.

Respect a person’s choice if they don’t follow up. Do not pressure someone if you sense they are not keen to extend the experience.

Remember… ORGANIC FUSIONS is unable to screen attendees, so you must use your own judgement of character when it comes to connecting with the people you meet.

Do you have a phone number?

Yes. My phone number is 0414 030 774. Please contact me if you haven’t found your answer in the list above.


ORGANIC FUSIONS is a personalised service and I will likely send you invites via SMS if you have registered for invitations!

You will also receive a reminder SMS prior to an event once you have purchased a ticket.