Melbourne is bursting with awesome venues, fun activities and local adventures ready for us to experience. Events hosted by ORGANIC FUSIONS are intended to be fun and engaging so that everyone involved can enjoy the best that Melbourne has to offer while meeting new people and making some friends. Below you can learn about some of the singles events that are hosted in the Melbourne region.

ORGANIC FUSIONS also hosts events across Geelong and the Surf Coast, so if you’re keen to explore beyond Melbourne, don’t forget to check out our ‘singles events in Geelong‘ to see what other activities you could be joining us for! To see what’s coming up on the events calendar, log in here or create an account for free!


Join us for a lovely walk in the Dandenong ranges as we challenge ourselves to climb 1000 steps. Watch the video below to see what to expect! Access the calendar of upcoming events here.


Laiko, situated in Northcote, is one of many venues that is perfect for groups who enjoy sharing conversations over a delicious meal.

Greek restaurant in Melbourne - laiko for singles events


Enjoy a mind and body work out as we attempt to solve various bouldering puzzles. Watch the video below to see what you’ll be getting yourself in for if you join us for this particular event. Log in to access the calendar of upcoming events and book your ticket.


Once a month the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre host an adults only evening. This is one of my favourite singles events because there’s so much many activities to try plus we usually meet for a delicious meal beforehand. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is located in the Chadstone Shopping Centre (Melbourne). Check out the video below to see what you can expect when you join us. Log into the calendar of events here.


A very popular bar located in Little Burke Street, Melbourne, is a super fun way to spend an hour or two. Grab a drink from the bar, chomp on some pizza, and try your luck on any of the three course. We’ll usually meet for a bite before or after the event nearby where there’s a little more space to relax and chat. Discover when our next event at Holey Moley is by accessing the calendar here.

playing minigolf at Holey Moley singles event