Attempting to bowl a strike, testing your skills at Holey Moley, browsing night market stalls, watching a picture (more commonly known as going to the movies), belting out a karaoke song, learning to dance, or solving a puzzle are just some of the indoor experiences that have been, or will be coming up, on the calendar of events. Indoor activities are a perfect escape from the summer heat or pouring rain, and are particularly popular in winter when everyone wants to keep warm!

Watch the videos below to discover fun activities you could be taking part in… and if you don’t have friends to go with, then tag along to an ORGANIC FUSIONS event.


I remember my first game of bingo. It was at The Palais in Moorabool Street, Geelong. I played with just one card or box (I don’t know the correct terminology) and it was such an adrenalin rush.

Yep – that’s me – adrenalin junkie!

The second time I attended bingo was less of a thrill… and my levels of enthusiasm for bingo seemed to decline every time I went (which was only four or five times ever). That was until Piano Bar brought us “Bitches With Balls” bingo. The expression on my face in the video thumbnail below is how I look through most of the evening playing bingo at Piano Bar. Partly because the drag-queen hosts are very eye-catching but also because they share some very interesting stories! Watch the video below to find out more about this particular indoor experience.