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Outdoor Adventures *

On our calendar you’ll find a range of outdoor activities. Fancy a walk in nature? Like to stroll along the beach? Enjoy a twilight picnic as we soak up the last light of the day. If you like getting active perhaps you could join us for a bicycle ride or a game of mini-golf. Sunday afternoons are a favourite time to play lawnbowls. When the weather’s right, join us for a surf lesson… or maybe come out for a run while enjoying a game of frisbee in the park.

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Indoor Experiences *

There’s so many venues across Melbourne, Geelong and the surrounding region that finding something to do during the week will never be a problem. Expect to find on our calendar opportunities to: play ten pin bowling or a game of mini-golf, browse night market stalls and sample delicious food, catch a flick at the cinema, listen to people sing (and maybe participate) at karaoke. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance or want to test your problem solving skills at one of many “escape” style rooms scattered across our cities.

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Food & Drink *

It seems as though every week a new cafe, restaurant or bar pops up and begs us to visit. Sharing a meal with friends is one of the best ways to spend time. According to demand, the calendar will eventually feature restaurants for all different types of cuisine. So, for those of you who love to experience different cultures and new tastes, join us as our tastebuds slowly “travel around the world” from Italian restaurants to Moroccan soup kitchen. Sunday’s are a great time to relax and enjoy a beer and chat, so keep an eye on the calendar for relaxing “Sunday Sesh” events held at pubs, bars, wineries and breweries. Keep an eye on the calendar for the “Healthy Brunch” event and opportunities to meet up for afternoon tea and dessert.

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Games *

Play is a marvellous way to learn, especially when it comes to learning about each other. Games are fun and make it particularly easy to break the ice with new friends. As mentioned above, throughout the year you expect to find on our calendar activities such as ten pin bowling, board game nights, the odd game of frisbee, an evening of table tennis, a maze challenge, a hit of mini-golf or a lazy match of cricket in the park (or on the beach).

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Arts & Culture *

Live music. Festivals. Comedy. Theatre. Cinema. Karaoke.


Fitness & Health *

Bootcamp. Spin class. Walking. Jogging. Frisbee. Yoga. Meditation. Healthy meals.


Workshops *

Painting. Photography. Ceramics. Drawing. Gardening. DIY. Sustainability. Cooking. Herbal remedies.


Volunteering *

Clean Up Australia (March 2018). Sea Shepherd (marine debris clean up). Land conservation.  Aboriginal communities. Foodbank Victoria.

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Singles Events in Melbourne *

Melbourne CBD. Northern Suburbs. Eastern Suburbs. South-Eastern Suburbs. Western Suburbs.


Singles Events in Geelong *

Geelong CBD. City of Greater Geelong. Bellarine Peninsula. Surf Coast. Otway National Park.

*Possibilities include (but not limited to)