ORGANIC FUSIONS is about connecting people.

Meet up with others to have fun, make new friends and share an experience.


Diverse Activities

Choose events that suit your style. Hang out with like-minded individuals whilst participating in activities you love. Alternatively, push the boundaries and try something different. Conversation comes easily when you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself.

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Various Locations

Meet at local venues to save time on travel. Explore destinations further afield to broaden your horizons. ORGANIC FUSIONS runs events across Melbourne and Geelong; from the Dandenong Ranges to the Otway National Park.

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Different Age Brackets

Choose to socialise with your preferred age group; perhaps they’re the same age, younger or older. Many events are OPEN to everyone 18+. Age brackets are flexible; consider them a guide only.


Everyone’s Single*

There’s no more wondering if you’re cutting someone’s lunch. Avoid awkward relationship status questions. Enjoy companionship. Make friends. This is not a dating service. There’s no pressure to meet “the one”. Straight, non-binary and GLBTQIA friendly events. *Except at “Fun ‘n’ Social” events.


Boost Your Social Life

Socialise More. Spend Less. The Mojo, Social-Lite, Social-Plus and Social-Ultra bundles give you $10-$30 off events. Attend unlimited events. There’s 10+ to choose from each month!


Events Calendar

Knowing when, where and how to meet singles has never been simpler. The ORGANIC FUSIONS events calendar helps you plan ahead. Save time searching for singles in bars or on dating sites, and spend more time enjoying life in ways that matter most.

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Real People

Make real connections. Meet genuine people who value human interaction. Enjoy face-to-face conversations. Share stories and get involved in group activities. Be part of a growing network of people who put in effort and commit to participating in stimulating social situations.


Gems & Little Joys

Keep updated with what’s happening by following our social media channels. Weekly-ish newsletters keep our members and subscribers in the loop with activity invites, tips and tricks, motivational stories, fun facts and all that other stuff you’d expect. Click here to register for event invites.


♦ Attend events with the intention to simply enjoy the activity and share an experience. Take an interest in others by asking open questions and listening.

♦ Smile. It’ll make you relax and feel happy – plus – smiles will spread to those around you. Bonus: smiling makes you more attractive!

♦ Be authentic. Attend events you’re genuinely interested in. Don’t try to be perfect; none of us are. Participate at your own pace.

♦ Give; don’t ask. Bring your business cards or write your details on a piece of paper. At the end of an event, share them with the people whose company you enjoyed. (If you receive contact details from someone, say thank you. You’re not obliged to share your details in return.)


Portrait Sarah host in pineapple dress smiling


Sarah’s philosophy of life is to ‘seize the day’ whilst being conscious of the choices she makes. A master traveller, medical professional, qualified yoga instructor, infrequent school-teacher, and now, social activities hostess, Sarah’s keen to share her passion for life with you.

Her own experiences as a single person looking for love sparked the initial concept of ORGANIC FUSIONS. Follow the blog to learn more. Sarah’s goal is to help you have fun and meet people the good old-fashioned way – through friends and shared experiences. Guided by the permaculture principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, Sarah designs activities that connect people with their community. For more information, check the FAQs.


ORGANIC FUSIONS aims to support local and ethical businesses. If you believe our events would be the perfect match with your business, please share your details here.


By listening to our members and followers, we are able to deliver a useful service. YOUR opinions matter.

ORGANIC FUSIONS invites those interested in our service to submit their preferences via this form. Your answers tell us the howwhere and when you’d prefer to socialise and meet people. 

Feedback regarding our service is very important to us. Please feel comfortable sharing your experiences and ideas. Your time and opinions are valued and ultimately contribute to the success of this business.