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Meet singles. Make connections. Enjoy activities. Have fun.

Boutique Events For Singles | Melbourne & Geelong

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Join in the fun and create new memories with us. Get out and be social. Focus on simply enjoying an activity in the company of others. There’s safety in numbers. Relax, observe and participate in conversations at your own pace.

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Unique activities for people to meet and share an experience. Build new friendships or continue to develop previous relationships. Belong to a community, a real network, who share a common ground.



Everyone has a unique story to tell. Meet people with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. ORGANIC FUSIONS plans varied events which acknowledge individual preferences and help connect like-minded people.



Embrace a lifestyle with less tech-time and more human-time. Being actively social is scientifically proven to increase self-esteem, and improve quality of life. Face-to-face interactions engage all of our senses. More time together allows for better understanding and deeper connections.



I have made lots of great friends and met so many people through ORGANIC FUSIONS and had lots of fun along the way. Sarah is a fantastic host who organises fun activities and makes everyone feel at ease. You get time to relax and to just be yourself, which makes ORGANIC FUSIONS different and better.  You won’t be disappointed.



Sarah always goes above and beyond when it comes to organising new, interesting and innovative events and activities. Thinking outside the box, she has her clientele laughing and having a great time, doing things they might never have thought possible. Sarah makes all attendees feel welcome and comfortable – even if it’s your first time, you don’t feel like that for long! – Zoe, 33

Normally I walk into dates super nervous, but at my first ORGANIC FUSIONS event, I was super relaxed. I’ve been to two dinners and there have been fun ‘get-to-know-you’ games, amazing food and even better company. I haven’t given any guys my number yet but, I have made an awesome female friend who I catch up with outside of ORGANIC FUSIONS. So much better than speed dating and internet dating; you will be surprised by how easy it is to chat to like-minded people. I can’t wait for my next event!

ORGANIC FUSIONS Taffline Testimonial

I have been too a few ORGANIC FUSIONS events over the last year, from Ten Pin Bowling to Drag Queen Bingo Nights. For example, when first arriving at Ten Pin Bowling, Sarah greeted us with a smile and handed us lane numbers. Half way through the event our numbers were mixed up so we could meet new people. I chatted with the girls in my group the most; sharing laughs and jokes. After the event, we continued on socialising at the local pub. That’s the best part about ORGANIC FUSION I believe. You meet fellow singles, who are sick of staying at home (because their friends have kids or partners), and are always down to go out and have a great time. We even catch-up outside of events. Buying tickets on the website couldn’t be easier, and the different types of events suit a range of interests. I would definitely recommend a “Ten Pin Bowling” event, or “Games Night,” if you’re a nerd like myself. ORGANIC FUSIONS truly helped me overcome my shy nature, and I’m positive it can help other people too. Join us at an event, meet some great people, and expand your horizons too!

ORGANIC FUSIONS Testimonial Tasha

Sarah is a wonderful host, who is organised, caring, friendly, encourages everyone to talk with each other and is efficient… A great way to meet new people, including some cute guys, through a social and casual event. I look forward to attending more events. – Jen, 26


Thanks for a refreshing, new and less intimidating way to meet like-minded people Sarah. I look forward to future events. – Joe

I thoroughly enjoyed the hike at the You Yangs! Sarah is a friendly, approachable, organised, punctual person. She made sure the instructions were clear. Everyone got to talk to one another. We enjoyed an 8km hike on a beautiful, sunny day! I even made a few new friends. So, thanks Sarah! Look forward to more events soon. – J.H, 27

Sarah’s a super organiser and a great analyser of character so people get the most out of her events. – Peter

Sarah plans events that are interesting, interactive and fun! – Nat

I actually really like ORGANIC FUSIONS events, not just because of the activity part of the event, but because of meeting the guys as well as the girls… which helps me to relax… and then it doesn’t feel like a ‘dating’ event, but rather just a catch-up with some new friends!

ORGANIC FUSIONS Testimonial Katie

ORGANIC FUSIONS has been a true find for me. I was sick of online dating and heard about a group that met in “real life” and where you could get to know people in a no pressure environment. I was so impressed with ORGANIC FUSIONS and the events that I signed up for a Livewire pass almost right away. It allows me to book unlimited events over 6 months and makes great sense, as I not only get to meet more people but I save a heap too. ORGANIC FUSIONS is not just about meeting “the one” it’s a chance to truely connect with a community of like-minded people and I made some great friends too. Don’t wait… give it a go!

I have been to a few events now, such as Bowling, Korean BBQ, Mexican dinner, movie nights and indoor-rock climbing. These events are very casual … we have some tables or whatever booked and then just sit randomly anywhere we wish too, and because we are there to either mingle and make friends, or to connect and meet someone, that takes the random unknown fear people can face when socialising or trying to connect. Plus, Sarah also does a little ice-breaker game (that I personally feel is the perfect kind) where we all take turns in telling two truths and a lie about ourselves, and it’s up to everyone else to guess which one is the lie. I’m keen to head to more events after building rapport with a few people, having some fun and seeing wherever it could take me. The age range is roughly pre-determined on the event description on the ORGANIC FUSIONS website. We usually get roughly on average 10-20 people each event with a good mix of girls and boys.


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